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AEROESPACIAL TECHNOLOGIES is a company providing innovative solutions in the field of agricultural drones, vegetation mapping, crop health monitoring , mining services, The technology areas catered under the ambit of autonomous and aerial systems include design and development of flight control systems (autopilot), payload control mechanisms, three axis gimbal control systems, drone based geospatial mapping and surveillance, mathematical modelling, simulation and system identification of various complex systems.

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Our Team

Naresh Vasamsetti


6 Years Industrial Experience in UAV’s and Embedded systems

Adarsh Kodhanda, Ph.D


Seasoned in the design and development of control strategies for various aerospace and defence systems.

Hariprasad Jain

G.M Technical

With a systems level knowledge and practical experience in designing and testing UAV systems.

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10-469, Parnam Plaza,, Taigadapa Donka Road,Yanamalakuduru, Vijayawada, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh, India

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8333984111 , 8333984222

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