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Crop Spraying and Spot Spraying

Crops require consistent fertilization and spraying in order to maintain high yields. Traditionally this was done manually, with vehicles, or even via airplane. These methods are not only inefficient, and burdensome, but they can be very costly as well. Drones can be equipped with large reservoirs, which can be filled with fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Using drones for crop spraying is much safer and cost-effective. Drones can even be operated completely autonomously and programmed to run on specific schedules and routes. Spot spraying of crops used to be incredibly difficult.
If you had an issue with weeds or a certain crop, the entire acreage would have to be sprayed.This is a huge waste of time and resources, as someone will have to walk the entire acreage, plus there are the overall costs of pesticides and the associated environmental cost of chemical usage. With spot spraying afforded by drones, this same task can be accomplished in less time, with fewer monetary resources, and a reduced environmental cost.